Welcome to the first edition of Through The Grapevine. Each month, I will be choosing some hidden gems from incredible artists that have submitted their work to Independent Music News. Check out my audio feature to get the full rundown. I’ve also prepared a link to each track below!

Want to impress your mates with your knowledge of the underground music scene? Well, hear it here first, through the grapevine.

Sad FuneralKazbeg

Sad Funeral

The sound of Kazbeg is a stunning backdrop for a man laying his soul bare in his quest for emotional companionship, while the instrumentation harks back to ’60s and ’70s pop-rock with an infusion of soulful vocals. This song embodies everything that used to be good about popular music while keeping things fresh. 

Michael LaneTake It Slow

Michael Lane

An incredible voice and beautifully produced, Take It Slow really moves you through a range of emotions.

Max GowanSnakes

Max Gowan

Max has succeeded in composing a gorgeously warm sound. There is a maturity about his writing that makes you feel like he has been creating music for decades. He welcomes you into his world with this track, like a warm embrace on a lazy camping trip.

Dutch Criminal RecordFeel Good

Dutch Criminal Record

Juxtaposing the idea of having fun in your youth, with the reality of the anxiety and uncertainty of being that age, Feel Good is a danceable indie song.