Lockdown Festival

As I’m sure you as the reader are fully aware, the world is going through an extraordinary time at the moment. People are, for the large part, stuck at home with not an awful lot to do (aside from learning to juggle), and it’s in these times, it’s essential to have a distraction through entertainment. […]

Podcast: New Music Show – Episode Two

Michael Saeed hosted this week’s episode of the New Music Show. It features Jasper Erkens, The Morning Herald, Jamie Webster, TV Priest, BEACH SCVM, Autosuggestion, The Kecks, THE BRAVE FACES, Precious, Beverly Kills, Slow Soak, and Genevieve Miles. Enjoy:

New Release: Compilation Album – Don’t Panic

Hello again! It’s new release time, so for the uninitiated, here’s the explanation; at Independent Music News, we have a monthly tradition of releasing a compilation album, with all the proceeds going to a different charity. Obviously, in these particular complex and trying times, it’s essential to give help to those who have been hit […]