Lockdown Festival

As I’m sure you as the reader are fully aware, the world is going through an extraordinary time at the moment. People are, for the large part, stuck at home with not an awful lot to do (aside from learning to juggle), and it’s in these times, it’s essential to have a distraction through entertainment. […]

New Release: Compilation Album – Be Kind

And just like that, another month is over. Admittedly, February is the shortest, but is it just me who feels like the stress of last-minute Christmas shopping only ended about five seconds ago? Either way, another month has gone by and therefore another fantastic compilation album, Be Kind, is up on our Bandcamp page. That’s right, […]

Guest Feature: Ear Coffee’s Favourite Minnesota Acts

Ear Coffee was founded in 2017 as an outlet for us to write about the music we cared about. Eventually, it evolved into something we didn’t necessarily expect: a blog and podcast that covered exclusively Minnesota bands and artists. Our goal is to support and elevate those that make the local scene such a vibrant […]