Discover Ten Acts From Liverpool

When you type Liverpool into Google, the most searched subject is football-related. Between Everton and Liverpool FC, the clubs have won twenty-seven English First Division titles and twelve FA Cup trophies. If you catch a taxi, five seconds into the journey, the driver will ask the pivotal question: “Are you a footy fan? Who do […]

New Release: Compilation Album – New Year, New Music

It’s Friyay today. Yay because it’s payday and everyone can go wild over the weekend, but also the new Independent Music News compilation album, New Year, Music Music, is out, and available to download for just £5. What a bargain. It features all these great acts too: SPQR, Courting, Football FC, Fiendz YT, Hazeydays, The […]

Feature: Ones To Watch 2020 – Part One

At the start of every year, music blogs and websites all around the world root around Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify to find their favourite upcoming acts. Independent Music News is no different. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve also asked our social media followers, writers and friends who they think will slay the industry […]