Imagine you’ve just woken up. You open your door and it’s a little bit frosty because it’s early March, but you sit out in the doorway anyway. You have your morning coffee and a cigarette and pop the radio on. ‘Window Pane’ – the latest new single from Oxford four-piece Lacuna Common – is the song that would come on. 

Taken from the band’s forthcoming EP ‘It’s All Talk,’ due May 2021, the track is the definition of indie. It’s calm, cheerful and chilled out whilst being kind to the ears. After a couple of listens, I find myself singing along to the catchy lyrics.

“It’s a song about the feeling of that ‘normal life,’ cleaning your car on a Sunday, keeping up appearances with your neighbours, doing the same routine week in week out, dreaming about ways your life could be different,” said lead singer and chief lyricist Alfie Frank. “You can see it isn’t for you and that you don’t want to end up like everybody else. There’s also a sense of knowing that the likelihood of this happening is very high and that it’s not at all a bad thing. After all, there’s still something cool in finding the romance in going shopping and locking eyes with a beautiful girl/boy and wondering what would come if you spoke to each other.”

‘Window Pane’ is out now.