So! We all knew it was inevitable that we would begin to hear music inspired and subsequently created by these dreadful times. Kid Cuisine has taken this a step further – not only is this track recorded and produced at home in Bournemouth, but he is responsible for both the artwork and accompanying video. This is also an example of what is truly meant by DIY in music and it’s quite a feat; particularly at this time of isolation. The culmination of this stay-at-home creativity is Something Better, out now on Flying Vinyl.

Kid Cuisine is multi-instrumentalist Andrew Farmer, who, after spending time in Brighton playing with Sulky Boy (plus touring with The Magic Gang), is now taking full control of his own creativity. And the result is this breezy indie track, inspired by the last few months of lockdown and isolation.

It encompasses a real baggy Manchester-esque vibe; and to think Andrew put it all together by himself is nothing short of remarkable. There is a synergy between the guitars and drums in which they blend together beautifully. This is suburban shoe-gazing, delivered with the hope that Something Better is on its way. Whether we like it or not, our worlds are focused on our own neighbourhoods for now, and this track appears to echo that sentiment perfectly. Give the video to Something Better a watch below, we promise you won’t regret it.