Thrilling Nottingham quartet Cucamaras are back with their latest release, embracing all the grittiness of a post-punk anthem at its best.  ‘Death of The Social‘ – Cucamaras’ first single of the year – meddles with a heavier sonic palette that has served them remarkably well.  After making their debut in 2019, the four-piece have delivered a great set of singles, with this latest track being the most distinctive. 

Daunting guitar riffs lead the way for nearly-spoken words, amplifying the sense of confrontation exhibited by Cucamaras scathing lyrics: “Where did all the hate come from? / We’re just taking orders.” Before you know it, drums are blasting off an exhilarating rhythm, with screeching guitars amping up the pent-up energy that’s been brewing from the start. 

Admittedly, Cucamaras took inspiration from sociologist and philosopher Jean Baudrillard. Their take on postmodernism is offered up perfectly by the track’s cathartic sonic background, only getting louder as time goes by. Coming in at just two minutes and twenty-four seconds, the short expanse still manages to end on a great high. 

Cucamaras are set for a great year, and ‘Death of the Social‘ only reinforces the foursome’s ability to push beyond what it’s known to them.

Death of the Social‘ is out now, and Cucamaras are set for a hometown headline show at Nottingham’s Bodega later this year.