I heard on the grapevine that you enjoy discovering new tunes. What, you don’t? Why the hell did you click on the link then? Oh, to read my musings. Well, today I’m here to introduce a fresh Independent Music News podcast called the New Music Show. If you focus your attention to the label at the back of the tin, you’ll see it’s pretty self-explanatory. Every two weeks, we’ll showcase the best tunes, horrible banter, and terrible jokes. Warning: the first show is hosted by Stephen Billington and Adam Howes, and is cringy as hell. You can feel the awkwardness in the dead air throughout the program.

So, without further adieu, here’s the first episode. It features Mega Emotion, Deeper, Nightwatchers, Meadows, Bo Ningen, A Choir Of Ghosts, Orchids, Loose Fit, Pokey LaFarge, Vasudeva, Fire In The Radio, David Shurr, Riscas, Henry Jamison, Darlingside, LUMAE, and Coast To Coast.