It’s Friyay today. Yay because it’s payday and everyone can go wild over the weekend, but also the new Independent Music News compilation album, New Year, Music Music, is out, and available to download for just £5. What a bargain.

It features all these great acts too: SPQR, Courting, Football FC, Fiendz YT, Hazeydays, The Letrasets, Birthday Girl, PERMO, Party Hardly, MEMES, Mush, The Skinner Brothers, Hester and the Heathens, Blanketman, Abi Rose Kelly, Eto Gelashvili, Crake, Roxy Girls, Inspired & the Sleep, GOSH, The Sufis, HANYA, Civil Villains, Adam & Elvis, New Love Crowd, David Shurr, TIËRNY, Huan, The Caress, Dogleg, Carlo Onda, Kirsty Kirtle, Digging For Apples, Fig by Four, and SuperGlu. Naughty.

All the money raised will go to Wires. If you don’t want to download the album, you can donate to the cause by clicking the snazzy button here: 


We’d also like to give a special thanks to all the acts involved and the independent music community. Without your tunes, the scene would die out, and projects like this one wouldn’t exist. Cheers. Kiss.

So, here’s the album. We hope you enjoy it.