Oh, hello there. Thanks for visiting Independent Music News today. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee? Maybe a biscuit or two? Great! While the kettle is boiling, we have a special present for you; a new compilation album called Music Matters. Unwrap the gift, and you’ll discover seventy incredibly talented independent and unsigned artists and bands. That’s not all; every person that buys the comp will be helping support music venues up and down the UK. That’s right, all the money raised will be going directly to Music Venue Trust and the GMV Crisis Fund. Learn more about the initiative here. 

Before we showcase the compilation, we’d like to thank all the acts involved: Bad Waitress, Foundlings, Scrounge, Kavanagh, SPRINTS, On Video, Isolated Youth, The Cheap Thrills, The Cool Greenhouse, Real Terms, Swanmeat, Bullet Girl, The Violent Hearts, Psycho Comedy, Phoenician Drive, Alex Rave And The Sceptical, Mt. Grey, Bish Bash, Hot Knife, Dead High Wire, Qlowski, Great Australian Bank, Spherical, Sloe Noon, MAURITIA, The Escapades, Marty Went Back, MANKIND, FIEVES, Wrecked Beach, Queen Beach, WE ARE JOINERS, NO:IR, We Hate You Please Die, Claraboia, Renée Reed, Mandown, The Choppy Bumpy Peaches, BRIARS, VIALETTERS, Kaleiders, Jakob, The Empire Police, Don’t Call Me Ishmael, A Funk Odyssey, Imperial April, Junior, Los Volks, CHATROOMS, Party Nails, Jeremy Tuplin, Let Man Loose, Beija Flo, Girlatones, Silver Cup, Rivver, Babbling April, Waiting For Smith, All Things Blue, Go Get Mum, TIËRNY, Matilda Bond, Lil Cat, The Near Tide, Not Kevin, Out Of The Woods, Friendly Dads, Harry James Moore, Hill, and While Walking. The album artwork is by Mikhail Siskoff.

Right, without further ado, here’s Music Matters