Oh, hello there. Thanks for visiting Independent Music News. We have an exceptional surprise for you today; a new compilation album called Feed The NHS. I bet you’re all wondering why we titled it that. Well, the coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic is taking its toll on the NHS. Just yesterday, The Guardian reported that medical staff have been forbidden from speaking out publicly about the virus and the widespread shortages of personal protective equipment. Wow. 

We wanted to do our bit and help frontline NHS workers by using music as a tool to raise money for Meals For The NHS; a charity that delivers food to the medical staff at hospitals. As their website states: “We’re giving you the power to directly feed medical staff at local hospitals from your home. You donate meals. We order from local restaurants. Hospital staff eat. Tonight”. What a beautiful sentiment.  

Before we direct you to the album, we’d like to thank all the bands, artists and labels that have contributed their music to the cause. Cheers to The Novus, Talk Show, Fabricators, Mad Leisure, The New America, Crush, Thrillhouse, Sunstinger, Gene Pool, Las Nubes, Ballamona, The Horse Heads, The Velvet Hands, PERMO, SickOnes, Narrow Margin, Slime City, Plastic Glass, Sunship Balloon, THE BRAVE FACES, Venus Demilo, Aligners, Rowan, Make Friends, Little Thief, St. Buryan, Kris Kelly, Luna Pines, Nick Byrne, Hyperchromatic, Harry Heart, and Josh Hazelden. You guys rock!

So, without further adieu, here’s the comp: