Hello again! It’s new release time, so for the uninitiated, here’s the explanation; at Independent Music News, we have a monthly tradition of releasing a compilation album, with all the proceeds going to a different charity. Obviously, in these particular complex and trying times, it’s essential to give help to those who have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, so this time all the money raised from Don’t Panic will go to Beauty Banks. They’re a charity that helps people in Britain who are in such serious poverty, that they cannot afford to purchase toiletries or products to help them stay clean. This is a basic human right and need, a necessity which Beauty Banks have identified. With the sudden influx of people stockpiling various items such as shower gel and soap, now is a more critical time than ever to keep on top of this issue.

For only £5, you also get an amazing compilation album! Don’t tell us we don’t give you nice things, you cheeky lot. Don’t Panic features some incredible talent, who we’d love to thank for giving us a song to help the cause. Cheers to Cruelty, Autosuggestion, Play Dead, TV People, LIP, Precious, Gather Data For Death, The Death Of Robert, Anyone’s Ghost, Stables, 23 And Beyond The Infinite, Velveteen, Sleepersound, County Line Runner, Teenage Waitress, Patrick Gosling, The Lilacs, Beach Scvm, Pentire, Apollo Junction, Ten Hands High, The Love Handles, The Boston Shakers, Sun Mahshene, No Moniker, The Merchants, VIAL, Enjoyable Listens, Adam & Elvis, Genevieve Miles, Allora, The Vaniers, The Vumms, In The Willows, Nicolas & The Outlanders, Empathy Test, Lucky Iris, Jasper Erkens, Not Kevin, Becoming Branches, East Harbour, and Supergombo. You’re all absolute champions, and we are all out of breath from the thanking. Need to exercise more.

What else is there to say? Enjoy Don’t Panic: