And just like that, another month is over. Admittedly, February is the shortest, but is it just me who feels like the stress of last-minute Christmas shopping only ended about five seconds ago? Either way, another month has gone by and therefore another fantastic compilation album, Be Kind, is up on our Bandcamp page.

That’s right, a whole load of brilliant tunes for just a fiver, but that’s not all. The proceeds of said album are going to a very worthy cause, The Whitechapel Centre; a homeless and housing charity based in Liverpool. They work with people who are sleeping rough, living in hostels or struggling to manage their accommodation. 

Just yesterday, The Independent released an article that revealed homelessness could be “five times worse than the UK Government admits as figures reveal twenty-eight thousand now sleeping rough”. At the same time, a BBC headline shares more empty words from Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he deems the figures “unacceptable”. I have no doubt he will take action. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that his think tank is currently brainstorming ways in which to change the statistical parameters that define homelessness in order to claim figures are dropping. One step into any city centre reveals the truth of the matter. 

In light of this, we’d like to thank the fantastic bands who have taken part in this compilation album: DocumentSwine Tax, Sons, Yip RocArabnormalAnimal NoiseFloodwater Angel, Casual Fan, PRGRPHSDucks UnlimitedNorth ParadeARCADESThe Kairos, BALTICM60Luna PinesOh!no?ok.Tripper And The Wild ThingsDanny StarrGrawl!x, Saint Michael, Phobophobes, Let Man LooseStanleysLacuna CommonGR3YWXLFBrapurpleGod No!Simon Masterson, Leoné Murphy, and Dimmy And The Bad Heart. What a lineup. 

And if all that somehow doesn’t convince you, you can still donate by clicking here.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in this project. Now go and enjoy some great music.