Hello everyone. We have another compilation album for you, and this one is incredibly special to us.

8:46 is a symbol of police brutality associated with the killing of George Floyd. In the days following his death, protesters in Minneapolis, New York, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Portland, Chicago, and Denver lay down for eight minutes and forty-six seconds to protest against the racialized killings by law enforcement officers in the United States. Since then, the rest of the world has responded, with the toppling of the Edward Colston statue in the UK, and the rally in Belgium, which saw ten thousand people come together to show solidarity for the movement.

As a collective, we felt it was right to do our bit to support the cause, hence calling the comp 8:46. It costs £5 to download, and all the money raised will go to the George Floyd Memorial Fund

Before we share the album, we’d also like to thank all the bands and musicians for contributing their music. Cheers to The ClockworksWACOCheap TeethDEH-YEYBasic ShapesPeukPave The JungleRad PittAnnie TaylorR.E. SeraphinDude LowWatervillePeploQuaichCroquisElucidateHoneybadgerRadidasMultiplesPale OaksNicolas MichauxGeno CarrapettaBayviewHot DreamsVoidFareElrichmanTJ RobertsHeavy SaladMountain BloomWhite NovelsLittle Furry ThingsFehltNGHTBYMRNNGELLiS·DERISIANRevoltThe AcuteLos Vampiros AmarillosMake Out MollyKazakThe RuinsLeodisVoodoo BanditsEdward PhillipsBabbling AprilMan.Goes HumanThe Sound Of ModestyPipinSLYJYNXDavid ShurrCamille BénâtreCampbell SibthorpeMegan RutherfordAlice MCLast LynxFrida BlombergClaire Pitt WigmoreAnchit MageeBark MaileyThe Finch CycleOrsak:OsloHomem Em Catarse, and the incredibly talented artist that designed the artwork, Sarah Dahir.

So without further ado, here’s 8:46