A couple of weeks back, I sat down to have a chat with Roy Dipankar, the writer, director and producer of a very intense and intelligent documentary called Extreme NationYou might be telling yourself “Whoops, I must have clicked on a movie review site”. First of all, how dare you. I am a man with a variety of interests, and I bet you don’t even know when my birthday is. Secondly, it’s a documentary about the genre of metal in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, so get stuffed with that judgemental nonsense. 

And a fantastic documentary it is too; truth be told, having watched it a couple of times, it never failed to leave a lasting impression on me. Mostly because it explores the many, many aspects in which metal affects lives, and left me with the somewhat intimidating job of interviewing a man I already knew was far superior in intelligence to me. Fortunately, I’m used to being the one in the room with the lowest IQ.

We cover a range of topics in the interview: starting with his journey as a director to details behind the filming of Extreme Nation (including the dangers he encountered). We chat about all things music too; why aggression and metal are inherently linked, what being underground in the community means, religious ties to the genre, and the brotherhood it inspires. There was a lot to talk about, and having watched the documentary; I can guarantee that after you’ve seen it, you’ll have questions you believe I should have asked. Well, I’m just one guy, alright?! Roy has a life too – he can’t be Skyping me all day. 

Anyway, give the interview a listen, and I hope you enjoy it. The trailer for Extreme Nation is below that, where you can buy or rent it. It’s definitely worth it. Cheers!