Following on from part one, this week’s feature continues to bring you more of the artists we think will “smash it” in 2020.

The first on the list is my new personal favourite. Enjoy.

Dolphin Centre

Who doesn’t love dolphins, right? SOLD. But beyond the name, we’re entirely hooked. The Manchester-based five-piece bring something a little different to the scene. They boast a sound “capable of running you a vanilla-scented bubble bath at a perfect thirty-nine degrees”. You might wonder what on earth that means but have a listen. You’ll totally get it. An infusion of smooth reggae and traditional indie rock makes for a delicious cosy sound. Keep your eyes out for gigs in and around Manchester and beyond in 2020. I sure will be doing! How much do we all want a vanilla-scented bubble bath right now?

BC Camplight

Think rock ‘n’ roll meets eighties synth-pop meets indie folk-rock. I know. What? These guys have an incredible talent for making every track completely individual and unique in sound from one to the next. I wouldn’t be surprised if more genres sneak in as the records keep coming (please keep them coming!) Brian Christinzio, the force behind the band explains that: “This is an examination of madness and loss”. Christinzio draws inspiration from battles he’s faced and continues to face regarding mental health. This is palpable. Emotive, fresh and transitional with a subtle darkness. Please have a listen and experience it for yourself. You won’t regret it.

The Novacs

The Novacs are an indie rock four-piece from Airdrie, Scotland. They jumped onto the scene at just nineteen years old sporting incredible vocals, strong riffs and high energy, and they won us over sharpish. The video for their song Extent gives us a sneak peek into their playful, laidback attitude and drops some show snippets. In a live audience, I would definitely find myself shouting the lyrics back at these guys. I’ll be keeping my eye out for them making an appearance in the North of England this year (although the threat of me “singing” might have been enough to put them off that idea. Apologies).

Nature TV

I sank into the sound of Nature TV like a squishy beanbag. They have been described as seventies soulful indie, which is spot on. The band released their debut single followed by two more, as well as their EP at the back-end of 2019 and are currently working on a new track to be released “pretty soon” so we hear. I am hopeful that they’ll continue to gift us with beautiful, upbeat, easy listening songs through 2020. Looking forward to hearing the new one! I’m also in love with the Emotion Sickness EP artwork. Lovely stuff. 


Another Brighton based four-piece with a similar, squishy beanbag vibe (it must be a Brighton thing). RALPH TV “blend dreamy melodies, tight grooves and interchanging vocal lines that combine to create off-kilter tracks marrying pop sensibility with distinctive lo-fi wooziness”. There was no better way to put that. They’ve already dropped a new song for 2020 and have promised that there’s “plenty more to come”. These guys are my selection for right now. I’ve been up since 6 am on a Sunday with Rafi, the new puppy. We’re currently snug under a blanket on the sofa listening to RALPH TV. Perfect! It’s going to be a good day between toilet training and chew patrol. Wish me luck!