At the start of every year, music blogs and websites all around the world root around Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify to find their favourite upcoming acts. Independent Music News is no different. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve also asked our social media followers, writers and friends who they think will slay the industry in 2020.

Now that we’ve finished revising the list, it’s time for us to share it. Here’s part one of many.


The Edinburgh-based indie/rock/folk band released their debut album, Coward Of US All, on 30th May last year, and what a record it is. Think The National blended together with Frightened Rabbit, listening to Wrest is an emotional adventure you have to experience. 

Thankfully, you’ll be able to shed a tear or two when Wrest performs live throughout the UK in 2020. Hopefully, they’ll release a new single, EP or album too. We all need a good cry once and awhile.

Abi Rose Kelly

What can we say about Abi Rose Kelly? Well, she released James’ Corsa on 14th December, and it’s had over twenty thousand streams on Spotify. Not only that, but she’s also incredibly gifted and has an exciting future ahead of her.

We’ve already paid to see Abi support Chloe Pitchford on 28th February at The Jacaranda Club in Liverpool, will be featuring her music on the upcoming IMN compilation album: New Year, New Music – out on 31st January, and recording a live session with the artist in the next couple of weeks. Exciting, exciting.

Look out for Abi in 2020; we will.


Self-described as baroquetronica, TIËRNY is an artist you need to listen to in a quiet room with no distractions. Her latest release, Solid Ground, was one of our favourite songs of 2019. It has everything from spirit, passion and emotion to self-anguish. If you could hug a song, you’d give this one a big cuddle. 

In 2020, we want and need more TIËRNY in our lives. Please release more music and gig across the UK. You need to spread the love in more places.


Post-punk Courting are from Liverpool, and their music is as angry as it gets. Imagine Piers Morgan’s disgust of vegan sausage rolls, then listen to Not Yr Man; the similarities are uncanny.

From shouting about Northern Rail to agonising about football, Courting promotes the best of British life and we bloody love it. Chin chin, old chap.


Please excuse our language, but we fucking love this band. That’s an understatement; we fucking want to make love to this band. We’ll calm down. Sorry.

Post-punk at its best, Fox is the groups latest release, and we’ve gone through ten desks listening to it. Why? Well, it’s an explosion of every emotion going. It’ll make you do things you shouldn’t. Like smash tables, for example.

The lads are currently on a West Coast tour with Glass Beach. If you go to one of their gigs, make sure there are no tables around. We don’t want to get you in trouble.

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