Podcast: New Music Show – Episode Two

Michael Saeed hosted this week’s episode of the New Music Show. It features Jasper Erkens, The Morning Herald, Jamie Webster, TV Priest, BEACH SCVM, Autosuggestion, The Kecks, THE BRAVE FACES, Precious, Beverly Kills, Slow Soak, and Genevieve Miles. Enjoy:

Podcast: New Music Show – Episode One

I heard on the grapevine that you enjoy discovering new tunes. What, you don’t? Why the hell did you click on the link then? Oh, to read my musings. Well, today I’m here to introduce a fresh Independent Music News podcast called the New Music Show. If you focus your attention to the label at […]

Independent Music News Podcast Specials: It’s A Wonderful Life

As the world locks its doors, and we wait for news that it’s okay to go to the pub again, I’m sat here thinking about how different life was when the idea was first realised for the IMN compilation album, It’s A Wonderful Life, and it’s accompanying podcast. It was the start of February, and the […]

Podcast: Ella Presents Switzerland’s Finest – Episode 1

Switzerland is that tiny country, looking like a pig, in the middle of Europe. The capitalistic heartland, supposedly neutral, with hollow mountains, clean streets and barely any poverty (yet). While some of us experience an ordinary life with good jobs, first-class train tickets and a steady fear of losing our wealth (or worse, some stranger […]