We’re back! With part two of the best releases of 2020 (so far). Part one is here and featured music by JAIALAIBdrmmSWEARSMandownDirty MikeThe Velvet HandsYowlRowanHenry And The Waiter, and Fast Friends. We highly recommend you go and check that article out. You might even find your new favourite band.  

Anyhow, that’s enough blabbering, here’s the second instalment. Enjoy.

Josiah Wolf – Crest

Josiah Wolf

Experimental indie music for contemplative occasions, Crest is an utterly inspiring and gentle creation. As the opening song, The Insides Of This Side, rings out, you’ll start to question your existence, reality as we know it, and personal connections. Then there’s The King Of Our Time, which is a slightly downtrodden track, making observations about the world and environmental issues. It all ends with Submission, a tune Elliot Smith would have been incredibly proud of. 

Crest isn’t just an EP! It’s a piece of art that should be cherished and played in a museum. 

Frida Blomberg – Still Right Here

Frida Blomberg

Grab the tissue box, and get ready to shed a tear or two. Still Right Here by Oslo-based singer-songwriter Frida Blomberg is a personal and relatable story about love. It’s not all roses, though. No, it’s a passionate and heart-wrenching track about being left and rejected by someone you adore. Your mind will float around the dreamy soundscape of electronic tones and intricate vocals, remembering the good and bad memories of past relationships. As you leave this harrowing world, you’ll immediately feel better. 

Frida, keep producing songs like this one. We all need to cry once and a while. 


Courting – David Byrne’s Badside


Punk music isn’t dead. Press play on David Byrne’s Badside, and you’ll understand why it’s making a comeback. The youth feel demoralised and discouraged by wealthy leaders. Courting are prime examples of this. From Liverpool, if you walk around the outskirts of the city, you’ll witness the consequences of government cuts. No libraries, no after-school clubs, no jobs. Frontman Sean Murphy-O’Neill perfectly describes theses issues on DDB

“Homes under the hammer well it blares from the bar. Until daddy picks him up, in a European sports car. A 19 plate? Well he muses who made it. Built in England he wonders? A Britishmans labour. It’s painful to watch as he watches the chase. As he hates all his neighbours, he praises his saviour Nige”. 

Scribble Courting into your ones to watch notebook immediately. 

The Clockworks – The Future Is Not What It Was

The Clockworks

No joke, The Clockworks are probably one of our IMN’s favourite bands. We’ve played The Future Is Not What It Was on repeat for the past few weeks, breaking Spotify in the process. Sorry, that was us. A song comparing the once optimistic visions of “the future” of generations past, with the bleak reality that we currently live in, unemployment rates and the COVID-19 pandemic has further enhanced this premise. We’re excited to see what this act brings out next. 

Yard Arms – Silicone Crowd

Yard Arms

Another fan favourite here at IMN, Silicone Crowd is Yard Arms’ third EP, and their best yet. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw) at Stage 2 Studios in Bath, the beautifully dark, yet romantic world that the band has created is laid bare in an indie soundscape of delicate vocals and emo instrumentation. 10/10. A must listen. 

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